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Puppies for Sale

WEBSITE WAS UPDATED ON January 24, 2016..


Gabby and Rudy had their babies on December 10, 2015!! This is a repeat breeding as we were extremely impressed with their last babies.. We have standard color pups that carry color. DNA tested through UC Davis.. Pups will be $2,500 pet spay/neuter contract with breeding rights available

Call/Text 269-217-2553 for more info

   Ivy - Available Bb DD ayay $2,000/$3,000
    Merry - Reserved BB DD ayat
    Holly - Reserved Bb Dd ayay

Dreamer and Samson had their babies on December 13, 2015!! This is a very bittersweet breeding for us.. Dreamer is now retired after being an amazing mama to her babies. Also we are having Sammy babies!! It has been a long time for our old man but this was a vision that we had when we decided it was going to be Dreamers last breeding. So again...bittersweet..Babies are $2,000 pet or $2,500 breeding rights

Call/Text 269-217-2553 for more info

Toby - Reserved                       
CeCe - Available $2,000/$2500
Sammy - Our Keeper                   
Torey - Available $2,000/$2,500
Jacob - Available $2,000/$2,500

Lucie and Megatron had their babies
on NYE!!! This has been a long awaited breeding for me and and we are extremely excited!! All pups are triple carriers..
 Thank you!!

Call/Text 269-217-2553 for more info

Alana - Available Bb Dd ayat - $4,500
Mirage - Available Bb Dd ayat - $4,500
Tantrum - Available bb Dd ayat - $6,000
Octane - Our keeper bb Dd ayat

Don't forget your NuVet!!

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